Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 6 Update! And, re-trained taste buds!

Just six days until the photo shoot!


None, Sunday's my day of rest!

6:15am Strawberry Protein Smoothie
11:15am Greek Yogurt and Strawberries
1:20pm Egg white omelet and onions/tri color peppers
4:00pm Turkey meatloaf and mixed greens
6:30pm 3 carrots, spoonful of crab seafood dip, 2 string beans, 1 bite of chicken
9:30pm Strawberry Protein Smoothie

128 oz h20
2 cups almond milk

It seems like the universe is conspiring against me not to finish out my challenge strong! Over the last few days it has been difficult to get my six meals in AND temptations surround me at EVERY turn! But, I will prevail!

Today, as the entire nation knows, was Super Bowl Sunday. It was my intention to go to church and afterward spend a quiet, restful evening at home. My plans were thwarted because one of my very good friends came to town for a Super Bowl Party and invited me to come with. At first, I was going to back out, but then decided to go because I really wanted to spend time with my friend, and I recently chided myself for being a bit anti-social as of late.

So, in preparation for the party, I decided to eat my planned 4:o0pm meal of turkey meatloaf and mixed greens as well as drink some water. I didn't want to have to eat at the party, but I knew I would have to since I still had two more meals left for the day.

We arrived to the party and immediately, offers of beer, sangria, and wine were thrust upon me. As I have never been a drinker, it was pretty easy to say no to these. Besides, I bought my 32oz nalgene bottle and was content to sip from that all night. Pretty soon, the hostess announced that the food was ready. I let my friend fix her plate first so that I could survey what was available and have a plan BEFORE I got to the buffet line. Fried chicken, baked chicken, mac and cheese, string beans, crab seafood salad, dinner rolls, carrots, and a cheesy meat dip with tortillas were the available options. From that selection, it was pretty clear what my options were: baked chicken, string beans, and carrots. When I got to the buffet, I selected one wing drummie, 2 tablespoons of string beans, 3 carrots, and I also decided to get a spoonful of the crab seafood salad. I returned to my seat and began to eat. Unfortunately, I could only stomach the carrots and the tablespoon of crab seafood salad. What they say about your taste buds changing in as little as three weeks is definitely true! Well, the chicken was seasoned well, but unfortunately the skin wasn't removed first and there was no tackful way for me to remove I just didn't eat it. Also, with one bite I could tell that SUGAR had been added to the string beans. I couldn't believe it! Who adds SUGAR to string beans???? Those beans were so sweet I couldn't eat them. I haven't had sugar in so long--probably about two months (since I was in Mexico for Christmas). And, though I eat veggies every day, the only seasonings I usually add are garlic, onion, herbs, cumin, etc. So, I couldn't stomach the beans.

Pretty soon, cake and pie were offered but I wasn't even tempted by those. I just said "no thanks" and that was that. By the time the Super Bowl was over, I felt ok. Besides, just in case something like this might happen, I prepared in advance by making a protein smoothie and leaving it in my car (it was cold enough) for the ride home.

So, today, I learned a few things: 1) I still need to learn how to navigate meshing my lifestyle change with social situations. My first thought was to just not go but I don't want to become an isolated hermit. I also don't want to compromise my choices. I think I did ok tonight. I was not even tempted to eat fried chicken, and the mac and cheese just wasn't all that appetizing to me. 2) Even if I did decide to try the food, like the fried chicken and the mac and cheese, I don't think my taste buds or my digestive system would allow it. So, my taste buds have totally adapted to natural foods. In essence, they have been re-trained.

In sum, there are only six days of the challenge left and I am determined to stick to my plan! No matter what the universe throws my way, I am ready! Oh, also, I am strong enough to say no. It seems things that used to tempt me don't any longer. :)

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