Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 5 Update! And, Did you run track in high school? Who? Me?

Just five short days until the photo shoot!


Just Lift (50 minutes)
Glutes and Leg Burn (25 minutes)
Cardio Boot Camp (50 minutes)

7:20am Greek Yogurt w/ Strawberries
10:30am Egg white omelet w/tri color peppers
1:20pm Strawberry Protein Smoothie
3:45pm Turkey Meatloaf and Mixed Greens
6:20pm Strawberry Protein Smoothie
8:20pm Turkey Meatloaf w/ Spring Mix and Grape Tomatoes (no dressing)

140 oz h20
1.75 cups almond milk

There are only FIVE days left until the photo shoot and I must admit, today I KILLED IT in my workouts--all three of them, but especially cardio boot camp. Maybe it was the protein smoothie boost I had after my Just Lift class that kicked in by the time my cardio boot camp class started. Whatever the case, my suicides and sprints were out of this world--so much so that one of my classmates asked me, "Did you run track in high school?" I responded, "Who? Me? Yeah, maybe in a past life!" LOL Honestly though, when I was doing my sprints, I felt so POWERFUL and STRONG. I felt FAST and I was FAST. I reminded myself of a mere ten or eleven months ago when I hated running. My knees ached and no matter how hard I tried, it seemed I couldn't go fast enough. My lungs and heart just wouldn't support that type of exertion. Well, today my lungs cooperated, my heart was strong and my mind said, "GO FASTER" and guess what, I DID!

Now, when someone asks me were you a sprinter in the past, I will say, no, but I am now! LOL I'm working on it. We'll see where I am by this summer! :)

My mantra for the rest of this week: GO HARD OR GO HOME! :)


  1. Alrighty now. I am going to see you on the marathon circuit here in a minute :) So excited for the next 5 days, the photo shoot, and your continual success. You have done a wonderful job! i still think you should reward yourself with a luxury purse... Want me to send you some ideas, lol?!?

  2. Crystal you are a BEAST!!! I love to read your blog... you are very inspirational!!!

  3. @Michelyn! LOL A little while ago I tried commenting on your post about running but my browser froze, thereby erasing my planned comment. I was too lazy to re-type it. :( LOL But, the gist of what I was going to say is that I have been feeling this urge to run lately. However, since its winter and I now longer have my YMCA membership, I have to wait until its warmer cuz I ain't running in the snow!

    @Jen--Love you mucho! :)

  4. YES! You def have the determination and tenacity to be a runner! Its all psychological!