Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, Nina Simone! Feeling Good!

Happy birthday to one of my favorite singers, Nina Simone!  Though Nina Simone departed this physical world in 2003, her passion, spicy boldness and musical genius still inspires many, including me, today!

Everyone is probably aware of Jennifer Hudson's deal with Weight Watchers. If you have been watching tv, you may have seen the commercials where Hudson is singing "Feeling Good." A few of my friends did not know that Nina Simone (and others) also sang this song. They thought this was a J-Hud original! Sorry, J-Hud is channeling the energy, I think, of our beloved Nina Simone. In honor of Nina Simone's birthday today, February 21, I want to post her version of the song as well as J-Hud's.

Check them out! To me, there is no comparison.  They both bring their own sense of self to the song and I like them both.

Nina Simone

Jennifer Hudson

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