Wednesday, January 26, 2011


17 more days until the photo shoot!

Kettlebell Muscle Power (50 minutes)

5:30am Zone Bar
8:15am Egg White and Spinach Omelet with 5oz orange
12:25pm Salad 3oz chicken with spinach, onions, walnuts, tossed in 1tbsp balsamic vinaigrette and 4oz orange
3:25pm Zone Bar
6:32pm Shrimp and Tomatoes with sauteed spinach
9:30pm Herbal tea with Gelatin, sweetened with 1 tsp of stevia

160 oz h20
10oz herbal tea

And, on to today's topic! So, in yesterday's post I stated that as of late I have been chatting with lots of friends and giving them tips about transitioning from their current lifestyle to a more healthier one. Specifically, I said "there is one tip that keeps coming up, that I think is truly the key to my success (beyond my big three: eating, drinking, and exercising)." In thinking about this statement, I need to revise it. The key to my success has been changing my lifestyle (exercising, eating, and drinking), but what has actually TURNED THE KEY and UNLOCKED THE DOOR to my new healthier lifestyle is:


That's it folks! Not magic, but simply, being consistent. That has been the BIGGEST difference in why I have succeeded in my goals and why others have not. Being consistent can be defined as "of a regularly occurring, dependable nature." Because I don't see my lifestyle changes as a simple "diet," I have been able to commit to CONSISTENTLY making good choices when it comes to my eating, drinking, and exercising.

In addition to being "consistent" and committed to the choices I have decided to make, another important component of the equation, which is also a variation of consistent, is "consistency." When we talk about "consistency" we talk about the make-up or nature of something. Something with a perfect consistency can be defined as having "a harmonious uniformity or agreement among things or parts." This is supremely relevant, especially in thinking about the nature or the make-up of my lifestyle choices. Again, I am not on a fad diet with crazy restrictions like no carbs or low fat only, etc. Additionally, although some may consider my exercising a bit extreme, actually its recommended most Americans exercise 3-5 times a week, moderately, for 30 minutes. Also, its the combination of healthy choices in eating, exercising, and drinking that creates the "harmonious uniformity" that is my current lifestyle. I don't go out and eat Harold's Chicken for lunch and dinner then expect to work off the 2,000 calories I just consumed on the treadmill. No, I eat sensibly and if and when I decide to have Harold's, I think about the impact of this, not just in that current moment of desire, but after the moment subsides. In sum, the consistency of my choices are in agreement. None overbalances the other--they work together harmoniously and have improved my health on so many levels.

Most people say the biggest obstacle that keeps them from turning the key and opening the door to a healthy lifestyle is lack of willpower. I am here to tell you that this can only be an EXCUSE if you let it be. Just to be honest, many confuse lack of willpower with laziness, fear, and cowardly behavior. We desperately want to change but we just can't seem to take the first step because it seems like there are so many steps after that first one. That's what made me immobile for so many years--the changes I needed to make seemed insurmountable. Little did I know was that every time I refused to take the first step, I was adding M O R E distance between myself and a healthier lifestyle.

Lack of willpower means lack of self control. It means the INABILITY TO CARRY OUT YOUR OWN DESIRES AND WISHES. When I think about this definition, I begin to realize some scary things about myself. In other areas of my life I exercised tons of discipline and self-control but in the area of healthy living, all of sudden, I had no willpower? I was telling myself a lie. It wasn't willpower I lacked, I had plenty of that. What I lacked was the courage and strength to put that willpower to the test. I was being lazy and a coward, and that decision almost led me to an early grave.

We all have dreams and goals. We all see ourselves in the future better than we are today. I am here to tell you that being consistent--constantly making healthy choices--is the only way your life will change. If you consistently choose the apple over the donut, you will achieve your goals AND TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE IN THE PROCESS. However, if you keep short-cutting and short-changing yourself, you will continually have to start over. Although there is great joy and anticipation in new beginnings, starting the same thing over and over becomes boring and intolerable. Why not experience a true new beginning, one that comes from finishing one level and moving on to the next? That's what I look forward to--moving to higher levels as well as new and better beginnings. I hope to see YOU there. :)


  1. Love it. I am really trying to eat healthier.... Good advice! Being consistent is the MOST difficult!

  2. so....I am catching up on facebook statuses and I follow a link DM posted to your blog and THIS is the one I read first! WOW, how did you get into my head? I needed this today, so I thank you and wish the best of luck-you've GOT THIS!

  3. @Michelyn: yep! but its rewarding when you look back and see how far your consistent efforts have brought you! When you look back and see you started with 5Ks and now you run 1/2 marathons! Only through consistent training and commitment did you reach that milestone! So, you can do it on the healthy eating!

    @Kris, I am so happy you stopped by my blog AND that what I wrote encouraged you. THANK YOU! and best of luck to you in your current health journey as well! :)

  4. TRUTH!!

    So so right. And related to willpower, I think you'll enjoy this too -

    Also - I tried a free Zumba class here in Madison last night, inspired by your video the other day. Was I ever sweaty, but it was fun. And more fun to show off my newly-learned dance moves later.

    - Jessica B. (fellow DM bootcamp alum)

  5. Thanks, so much Jessica! And, especially for posting the link to the HuffPost article. It is so on point and needed! I posted it to my FB. Yes, willingness takes you a lot further than "willpower." It's more flexible and forgiving, especially when life happens!

    You tried Zumba??!!!! Yippee! I'm not brave enough to actually use my "moves" on the dance floor! LOL

  6. Well, so far I only showed my sister and boyfriend. There was much laughing. :) Probably need a few more lessons before the dancefloor!

    If you liked that article, you should check out Experience Life magazine. Great stuff, on the same path.