Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Help me get "photo-shoot" ready! :)

Late last year, I was notified that I was selected, along with 24 other women, to be profiled in a fitness/health how-to book which, among its many goals, will feature stories about women who have successfully transformed their lives and bodies by changing their health and nutrition habits. Along with my fitness story (UPDATE: up to 80lbs lost) the book will also include before and after shots of me. I have tons of BEFORE shots, but on February 12, 2011, I will take my official AFTER shot! The official after shot will be a photo of me in athletic wear.

So, here’s where I need your help, friends! I was notified about the date of the after shot photo shoot two weeks ago, and as of today, I have ONE MONTH to do as much as I can to be “photo-shoot-ready!” I already eat clean and work-out, but I thought I’d enlist your help to keep me accountable! I am going to post DAILY updates (how I did with my eating, exercising, stressing, etc.) to my blog and if you could check them out and cheer me on, that’d be great!

So, here are my current stats:
Height—5’2.5” (that ain’t changing! LOL)

I'll post an update to these stats the day of the photo shoot! :)

Here’s my plan of action:

Exercising: Exercise Monday-Saturday at D3 (Dre’s Deisel Dome). Workouts include Boot Camp, sweatbox circuit training, kettle bell muscle (weight-lifting) classes, Zumba (dance), and Pilates (core). Sunday is a day of rest! :)

Eating: Eat Clean. No eating out. Make sure appropriate levels of carb, protein, and fat are consumed at each meal. Eat 5-6 meals a day. Fruit/Veggie with each meal. One protein shake/supplement daily.

Drinking: 128oz (1 Gallon) of H20 Daily. Soymilk and herbal tea only.

To the left is a photo of me in November 2009 (this will be one of my BEFORE pics):

Below, are current pictures of me in the athletic gear I plan to wear during the photo shoot. I am going target a few areas (Arms, Abs, and Legs) with a few specialty classes that focus on these areas.

Let’s see where I am on February 12, 2011!

Help me get "photo-shoot" ready by reading about my progress and cheering me on! :)


  1. I'm reading and cheering you on!!! Does that count as a publication on your CV?!?!?! :o)

  2. Thanks ladies!!! @Maya, I wished this blog counted as a publication! LOL