Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 15 Update! And, No Longer In the "Zone"!

Only 15 days until the photo shoot!

Bootcamp (50 minutes)

5:30am Zone Bar (my last one ever!)
8:30am Spinach and Egg White Omelet with oranges
1:45pm Easy Fajitas
4:45pm Fuco Protein Bar
7:15pm Shrimp and Tomatoes with Lettuce Salad and 1 tbsp of Balsamic Vinaigrette

128 oz h2o

So, as you saw from the little note on yesterday's post, I am no longer eating Zone Bars.  I originally thought these were alright to eat because their label said "natural nutrition bar," but after doing a little more research, I found that that though they are very high in certain vitamins and minerals, they are also very high in fake sugar! BAD NEWS!  No wonder they tasted so darn good.

Now, I am on a search for a replacement protein/meal bar.  I like eating the bars because sometimes I am out and can't put together a meal. And, most recently, I just don't desire chicken, fruit/vegetable, and almonds (nuts) for a snack. A "good" protein/meal replacement bar would have about 200-230 calories, high protein (14grams and up), and very little to no fake sugar. Also, it would be low in fat. 

Today, I received a suggestion to try "Think Thin" bars.  While I am not in love with the name of the bars, their nutritional make-up seems to be very good.  They have 0grams of fake sugar and are high in protein, at least 15-20grams in each bar.  They are currently on sale at Whole Foods.  While at Whole Foods, I saw another bar that I thought might be worth trying-- the Garden of Life Fuco Protein Bar. 

The Fuco Protein Bar is made by the same company that makes my Organic Raw Protein, Garden of Life.  I bought the Fuco Protein Bar because it was Gluten Free and sweetened with organic honey.  Additionally, one bar has about 210 calories with 14grams of protein, 5grams of fat, and 28grams of carbs.  I thought that was a little high on the carb side, but I tried it anyway because it also contains Fucoxanthin, which is a natural thermogenic fat burner found in vegetables (like edible seaweed). I got the Chocolate with Macadamia Nuts bar.  While the bar wasn't bad, I found it to be too rich for my taste and the consistency was like that of a very thick brownie.  It took a lot for me to eat the entire bar.  I was grateful for the 16oz bottle of water I had with me.  Also, the bar was a bit too expensive for me to want to eat reguarly, $2.99/bar.  So, in sum, while the bar was ok, it wasn't great enough for me to add to my regimen.

Tomorrow, I will try one of the Think Thin bars I bought. I bought White Chocolate Chip, Dark Chocolate, Brownie Crunch, and Chocolate Covered Strawberry.  The bars are currently on sale at Whole Foods 3 for $4.  That's a good price because usually they are $1.99/bar.  The sale lasts until February 15, 2011. 

So, I'll let you know what I think about the Think Thin bars. In the meantime, so long, Zone!

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