Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 11 Update! And, Blizzard, you're going down!

Only 11 days until the photo shoot!

Sweatbox w/Jump Rope Circuit (50 minutes)
Pilates (25 minutes)
Cardio Hip Hop (30 minutes)

5:15am Strawberry Protein Smoothie
8:15am Egg White and Onions/Tri-Color Peppers Omelet
10:40am 1 cup Greek Yogurt and strawberries
1:45pm Shrimp and Veggies w Salad (1 1/2 cup spring mix and balsamic vinaigrette)
4:15pm Scallops and Veggies w 1 cup mixed greens (collard, mustard, turnip)
6:45pm Strawberry Banana Protein Smoothie

128 oz h20
1.75 cups of almond milk

Because of the BLIZZARD in Chicago, one my favorite classes was canceled: Zumba! Also, my Wednesday morning class (Kettlebell Muscle Power) was canceled as well. Though I'm a little sad, I'm not worried because I have P90X and a few other DVDs to keep me going. To make up for not having Zumba! tonight, I did a Cardio Hip Hop DVD--it had 3 ten minute workouts. To make up for missing Kettlebell Muscle Power, I will probably do a Reebok Boot Camp DVD as well as a Dynamic Toning DVD (which includes yoga, dance, weight training, and pilates techniques.) In sum, I'm going to get it in! Unless the power goes out, this blizzard can't stop me! LOL :) If the blizzard does take the power out, I'll just do old fashioned jumping jacks, squats, lunges, run up the stairs, and my FAVORITE: BURPEES! HA

I got my six meals in today! YAY!!!! :)

I went to the grocery story today to stock up on some perishables like veggies as well as more lean meat. The line at the grocery, at 1:00 in the afternoon was SUPER LONG! I guess everybody else had the same idea as I did! LOL

If you have to go out, be careful! Otherwise, don't try to fight the weather--you probably will just end up face-down in the snow! :)

The picture in this post is after a 12/2009 snowstorm in Madison, WI. It snowed so much that tree branches snapped--pretty dangerous. I snapped this picture on my cell phone after the snowstorm--I was walking to the hardware store to buy a shovel to dig my car out of its space. Ended up not needing the shovel because I had a great landlord who dug me out!


  1. Crystal,

    So, I've been reading, and following, and not commenting... and decided to today. YOU'RE MY HERO!!!!!! :-) Cant tell you enough how much you inspire me (and almost make me want to hang myself for not doing better). I'm on it on it on it! You'll see me there :)

  2. Thanks Leslie!!!! You can do it!!! You have DETERMINATION, DEDICATION, and most of all, FORTITUDE! You got this!