Saturday, October 16, 2010

The BEST Sportsbra EVER (especially for those who are amply supplied!)

Ladies, I just have to be frank on this subject. With personal matters such as this one, I usually just keep my mouth shut, however, I can't keep this good thing to myself.

We all know a good, supportive bra is NOT an option--but a REQUIREMENT, especially for fitness and exercise.

It's hard enough controlling 12, 15, and 20lb weights--we don't need our extremities flopping around either! That's dangerous for us--and other innocent bystanders!

If you are a full-busted woman like myself, have I got the best sports bra for you! The brand is 'Enell' and this bra is so supportive! When I jump NOTHING else jumps with me except my legs!

The bra comes in a variety of sizes (32C-52DD) and cost the same as you would pay for a really good department store (think Wacoal from Macy's) supportive bra. Enell has its own sizing chart that corresponds to regular bra sizes but you should measure yourself again just to make sure you get the right Enell size.

When I say this is the best, recent investment I have made--I have NOT lied. This bra is a winner!

Find an Enell retailer near you!

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